Leslie Ralph Ball – Missing Person Suspected Murdered, But Never Reported On.

Back in 2011 Queensland’s cold case unit revealed that they were reviewing the 1993 disappearance of Leslie Ralph Ball from Townsville after new information was passed on from interstate. It has now been 25 years since the disappearance, there have been no charges, and almost no information has been made public. Interestingly, due to massive […]

The Tragic Abduction of William Tyrrell – 2019 Coronial Inquest May Hold Answers

Disappearance and Investigation: September 2014, 3 year-old William Tyrrell was taken out of childcare for a ‘surprise’ visit to his grandmother’s house. The family packed up the car and made the three hour drive north to Banaroon Drive in Kendall. On the morning of 12 September the father left to find better signal for his […]

Suspect in 1978 Triple Homicide at Spear Creek may have killed again – Police ‘Just One Step Behind’

Spear Creek Triple Homicide: At 6.55pm on 24 October 1978 the bodies of Karen Edwards, Gordon Twaddle and Timothy Thomson were found by a couple walking their greyhounds. The three had all been shot in the head at close range by a .22 calibre rifle, and were stripped of identification – with their pockets turned […]